About Urban Golf Gear

In 1998, Craig Tanner conceived of Urban Golf Gear after watching the 1996 replay of Tiger Woods and Steve Scott’s epic NCAA title match. With his newborn son asleep on his lap, Craig tried his best to contain his excitement, trying desperately not to wake him up. The match went back and forth and before you knew it, Tiger pulled it off and won. It was so compelling that he stayed glued to the television and Craig was not even a fan of golf. Then it hit him. He knew golf was about to explode with a new demographic. Black and Latin people, women, young people, skaters, surfers, rappers, rockers were going to start golfing. Craig knew Tiger was going to be the catalyst to make it cool and acceptable. After all, watching Tiger play was akin to watching Michael Jordan. In the next 30 seconds he thought of a golfer, dreads flying as he teed off. Craig knew this new demographic would not want the staid fashions of the status quo, but their own look. Urban Golf Gear was born and as they say, the rest is history!

Urban Golf Gear merges two things that are diametrically opposed: golf and hip-hop. In creating a lifestyle line of apparel, we welcome ALL and dress you for the course, the street, or the office.

In 2000, Urban Golf Gear started to get noticed and gained traction via the media changing the game. This led to Urban Golf Gear being featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, TIME, CNBC’s Business Center and Power Lunch, CNN, XXL, The Source, and Black Enterprise just to name a few. Simultaneously, Urban Golf Gear amassed an A-list roster of celebrity support and numerous product placements in tv shows and movies. With the relaunch of Urban Golf Gear, our goal is to capture people’s imaginations and loyalty once again.

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